Introduction of the Gardesh agency

iran technology Air Travel & Tourism Services Company, with valuable experience in Tourism & Tourism and using its experienced staff, is ready to offer the following services. Mahir Amir Gasht is the largest and most prestigious online ticketing website for train ticket tickets. , Domestic and foreign tours, last minute tours. Train ticket sales were the first service that Mahir Amir Patrol offered to its customers, and after a short time, domestic flight tickets, foreign flight tickets, hotel reservations and organizers of rail and air travel, travel insurance, obtaining visas were added to its product portfolio.
To buy a train ticket online at Amiraneh Patrol just specify your destination, destination and departure date to display the price list for the desired destination train ticket. After all, the cradle of Emirates patrol covers 100% of flights and airlines, and you have the option to book your train ticket. Also, if your itinerary is changed, you can get your train ticket online (console ticket). has it.
In addition to purchasing domestic flights, foreign plane tickets, domestic hotel reservations, foreign hotel reservations, foreign tours and domestic tours are provided on the Amiran Mahd site to meet all your needs dear travelers. Booking foreign flight tickets and booking foreign hotels comes with a 24-hour Farsi-speaking payment and Persian language suppor


Gardesh agency services

The Gardesh agency offers passengers, domestic and foreign flights, domestic and foreign flights, bus fares and return tickets, bus tickets, entertainment, car rental, visa, travel and travel insurance and travel insurance to its passengers.The company synchronized with new developments in the tourism industry and international companies movements to online presence, Internet booking site, hotel reservation and foreign tour with the possibility of online booking more than 900,000 hotels and 900 international airlines internationally accredited in 1200 cities


Gardesh Travel Agency policies

The Gardesh travel agency, in order to provide better services, considered the Policies for itself, which runs to the following effect

  • Honor to passengers, members and companies and meet their needs and wants
  • Increased retention of service quality by employing customers,constructive comments
  • Recognition of new tourism sites along with amenities in the development of tourism services and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Expanding the culture of education and updating knowledge and skills related to the industry to member companies and personnel


the quality of service is one of the most important factors that the travel agency intends to design and offer its services, and with the selection of best tourism services and cooperation with the best foreign tour brokers, is planning to perform luxurious tours and provide first - place services to iranian tourists. Members maximum satisfaction of travel agency tours is a confirmation of the high quality of the circulation services.

Travel travel agency experts are always ready to advise and support customers. You can benefit from more guidance from the contact with us if you ask any questions, ambiguity or complaints.

Gardesh Travel Agency

Gardesh Travel Agency

Gardesh Travel Agency

Gardesh Travel Agency

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